Advancements in Medical Technology

The world of medicine is getting hit hard right now.  With new diseases and conditions ravaging the planet the medical field needs to look at ways to perform their tasks with little to no social contact.  One way that they are doing this is through using electronic signature capture for pharmacies. This process will allow people to have an electronic signature on file that will authorize the pharmacies to charge their insurance companies, process prescriptions and much more.


The first thing that we need to understand is that anything that we use needs to be efficient. If it is not efficient then it shouldn’t be used.  When looking at efficiency we need to also ensure that it is accurate.  When scanning in words and letters they need to be legible.  You need to know that a one is a one and not a seven or some other number.  Efficiency needs to be top on the list otherwise it doesn’t serve any purpose.

electronic signature capture for pharmacies.


You also need to make sure that anything that authorizes for a medication or other piece of information is secure.  We have a big issue with identity theft and people using computers for illegal actions.  This is why security is also very important.  If for example someone was able to get a digital copy of a signature who is to say they can’t transfer that file to another system and use it there?

Verification and updates

Verification processes and system updates need to be done on a regular basis.  If we don’t have security holes patched, in person verification and other covert measure in place then there is no telling when a security hole may pop up causing havoc.


The final thing that we need to ensure is that people will accept the technology. This can be the largest hurdle to deal with.  However, with sometime and following the rules and guidelines we will have it available.

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